Warden Isaak Dorfman

Warden of Ukraine


High Concept: Nightbound Warden Chessmaster
Trouble: Enemies are Everywhere
Babi Yar Survivor
Always 3 Moves Ahead
Old Face of Kiev
Protector of Children
Soviet Surplus Arsenal

Superb: Lore, Conviction
Great: Discipline, Investigation
Good: Deceit, Presence, Rapport
Fair: Weapons, Guns, Alertness, Athletics
Average: Intimidation, Endurance, Resources, Contacts, Scholarship

Evocation (-3)
Thaumaturgy (-3)
The Sight (-1)
Wizard Constitution (-0)
Sponsored Magic (-2)
2 Refinements (-2)

Evocation Elements:
Water, Earth Spirit

+1 Spirit Control
+1 Divnation Complexity

Foci and Enchanted Items:
Kinetic Glove: +2 Offensive spirit control, and enchanted (Armor: 3 3/session)
Black falconers glove with silver inlay arrows.

Shekel Pendulum: +2 Divination complexity
Silver shekel on the end of a gold chain.

Warden Sword: 3/session, Weapon:6 or 6 Shift Counterspell
Simple silver infantry sword inscribed with Cyrillic characters,

3 Potion Slots

Kinetic Lance (Spirit): 7 shifts, Strength 7 Attack
Spirit Shield (Spirit): 5 Shifts, Strength 5 Block vs. Physical Attacks 1 Exchange
Quick Veil (Spirit): 5 Shifts, Strength 5 Block vs. Alertness, 1 Exchange
Shadow Step (Night): 4 Shifts Sprint, Ignores physical barriers, thresholds act as barrier values
Loadstone (Earth): 4 Shift Maneuver, Strength 3, 2 Exchanges. Aspect: Three Times as Heavy


Warden Isaak Dorfman

Dresden Files: Kiev Mechizmo