Dresden Files: Kiev

Chapter 2: Conflagrations


·      Visiting Jiri the locksmith to discuss Oksana, recent events

·      Brings him a cuckoo clock

·      After some tangents and digressions, Jiri gives Aleksandr a dagger

·      Tells Jiri that Oksana is involved with Pakroksy

·      Jiri gave a key to someone in the Bratva (they pay well!)

·      They wanted to go to a special library that is warded

·      Jiri is hiding something so Aleksandr presses him

·      They know his niece

·      Aleksandr offers protection for niece

·      Gets a box that holds a lot of stuff

·      Lt. Melnik of Militsiya is waiting

·      Tagged Aleksandr’s car leaving a scene, wants him to come in for questioning

·      Aleksandr agrees

·      Gets the plate number

·      Calls Father Volodymyr

·      Gets taken to a normal interrogation room

·      Melnik wants Nazariy’s name

·      Gets asked about Isaak’s car

·      Arrests Aleksandr for murder/destruction

·      Put in a cell



·      Dreams about Koschei

·      Goes to the fire station

·      Gets brought to the XKBM scene

·      Sees signs of struggle, discerns that it’s supernatural

·      Scrubs



·      Tsvyk and Melnik bring him to a room

·      Tvsyk thinks Aleksandr knows

·      One of the missing employees is his brother Andrey

·      Tvsyk shows pictures of Andrey, Nazariy, and the woman

·      Traced back to Obolon



·      Calling about his car

·      Tow truck couldn’t get to the car – it’s at a crime scene

·      Uses ritual to discover they came in through the front door

·      Goes to see Jiri, Jiri freaks out, thinks Aleksandr told Isaak, Isaak has cloak and sword

·      Demands to know everything

·      Sarkosky was involved

·      Isaak intimidates the old man, gravity, sword, etc

·      Jiri doesn’t know specifics about plan

·      The break in was about a week ago

·      Leaves Jiri with a warning



·      Goes to see Dorfman (gets a ride from Igor)

·      Talks to him, gives details about him meeting with Koschei

·      Finds out she disappeared with Balebog and Czernobog



·      Hiding out with Dmitry (dirty hacker)

·      His crew comes by, he fills them in

·      Wants to meet with Plachenko

·      Asks Dmitry to start looking into Oleg

·      Gets bugs

·      Talks to Pillip, fills him in on attack

·      Meet at antique shop

·      Fills Max in, mafia wanted to send a message

·      War has begun

·      Max is in the know, but Nazariy conceals that he murdered Oleg and just says he saw the dead body

·      The Russian has come to town

·      Needs to get papers from Mafia (the front is a store)

·      Asks for inventory list but Nazariy doesn’t have it yet, it’s stuff that they wouldn’t be able to find on their own

·      Can contact the Night Court, Nazariy finds out mafia works with night court

·      Further details are hazy


Fedir, Isaak

·      The books are about how to make offerings to Khepri,  Fedir points out that it’s a bit more domestic/pedestrian

·      Lots of artifacts for him

·      Time to find the luxomancer

·      Get a cab, learn a bit more about organized crime

·      The luxomancer’s car is not here

·      We got his beard hairs and now we’re tracking him

·      Calls Aleksandr, no answer (cause he’s in jail)

·      We need a ride!  Nazariy “borrows” Vlad’s car


F, I, N

·      Finds out that Nazariy worked at XKBM

·      Doesn’t know what Nazariy does, but knows that he’s shady

·      Isaak finds out that the Night Court has allied with the mafia and the White Court (lust)

·      Sakosky is in the antique shop with a bunch of bratva

·      Nazariy tries to hire Sakosky, maintains deniability

·      Fedir finds out that the bodies were taken, busses were burning



·      The News

o   Seven marchrustkas are burning

o   Disaster at the XKBM plant

·      We’re going to make a raid on mafia lawyer (Leon) and burn his office down



·      Goes on call, after all he kinda knows what’s going on

·      Research! 

o   Czernobog, Balebog, Khepri, Koschei



·      Prepare for altercations

·      Left a chess piece (bishop) in Nazariy’s car


N, I, F

·      Nazariy and crew break in

o   Wearing security guard outfits

o   Run into a janitor

·      A security guard comes out of the elevator

·      Deniz kills him

·      Raid Pakrosky’s file cabinet

·      Oksana is there (Awks-sauna)

·      All the lights go out, she says he can’t leave with the files

·      Deniz gets taken out by something big and furry, drops gasoline tank

·      ISAAK TELEPORTS IN (sensed congregation of night magic around bishop) with a flash of light

·      Two ogres, Deniz’s broken body, gasoline has spilled, Oksana, and androgynous guy

·      Naziriy is surprised, neither he nor Oksana really want Isaak there

·      Isaak gives a speech

·      Naziriy sets the gasoline on fire

·      Naziriy knows something is going on with Night and Isaak

.   Vlad tackles Oksana, dies as mud dribbles from mouth

.   Sidhe-man takes what documents he can and hops out window 

·      Sakosky dies (punched in face by ogre)

·      Naziriy fans flames, shielded by Isaak, escapes

.   Oksana annoyed with Isaak, will discuss later

·      Fedir shows up, what the heck just happened?



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