Dresden Files: Kiev

Chapter 1: A Subtle Message


-about to go to sleep, scratching at front door, night court be knockin, am black cat glamour, invited in (Zola)

-Zola has info, tells Isaac that he’ll spill the beans for a trinket to burn. Trade is made, Zola says that the snake man is in danger, marshrutka man is coming for him with guns (to send message to bratva)

-Isaak asks why he’s telling him, answer: “there are those who consider the marshrutka man’s employment for this act to be… imprudent”

-Zola leaves, trinket (carved wooden elephant) fully immolated, and Isaak goes to prepare stuff to help nazariy



-late morning next day

-fedir goes to university and speaks with professor gets reading list

-Goes to RBB talks to Lyudmila

-Egyptian mythology books missing

-Fedir helps look for books no luck, buys books leaves



-Eats beet and cereal for breakfast

-Gets in F-250 goes to pick up andriy

-andriy lights up, talking about sexy time

-arrive at XKBM facility on left bank

-long sarcastic silly convo about working



-returns to professor, gives books, goes to library to study

-tap on nearby shelf whilst engrossed, pretty girl tells him that the information he’s looking for isn’t in books

-refers him to their mutual friend sasha, aka alexandr borodin, and says that she’s had some night court contacting, and she now has info to help him

-her interest in it is that she’s in too deep and might need a favor from him

-she explains the fey leadership structure to fedir

-Fedir wants to meet with night court, so she says go to the nearest part of the forest and start walking, after night of course

-Fedir calls Alexandr, who just returned to Obolon from taking some kids out for ice cream


Fedir and Alexandr

-fedir asks about oxana (who alexander hasn’t talked to in forever), mentions night court and his agreement to help her with her problems

-alexandr very alarmed, says to not move, and then meets him in library

-asks where oxana is and how to find her, fedir says dunno but she told him how to contact a night court thingy

-aleksandr says that he’ll help fedir with the night court, but that he needs to connect him with oxana



-Isaak conducts ritual to find out who stole books, sees a shaggy man.

-Isaak calls Nazariy’s work, gets supervisor, asks for him, dude kinda blows him off, so Isaak goes to XKBM to talk

-meet in parking lot, isaak says that they live in dangerous times, nazariy picks up on threat to himself, and isaak’s inability to give more specifics

-Isaak calls Leon Pokrovsky, deals with receptionist under the name Yani Stoimenov. She says that its cool to come up

-Leon enters, kinda agitated by being fooled, isaak inquires about marshrutka man (oleg), gets his phone number in exchange for goodwill basically



-talking to father valodimyr, need access to armory. Father why violence?

Personal matter. Idk dude says father, but I trust ya.

-gets shiz from armory biz. Hammer, rosary, chainmail



-Isaac calls marshrutka, told to hold on, next one is available in 20 minutes

-While waiting, talk to Lyudmila

-divination to footprint learned stuff

-guy with magical light, guy with shaggy hair



-Larisa talk to him, crashing noise in distance, ahhhhh whistle blower!

-Marshrutkas batter down fences Oleg says let’s go talk

-Oleg says we have your friends, Nazariy bites him badly

-Fighting ensues

-Oleg runs around, and his goons shoot Nazariy, no hits

-Oleg runs into entrance room, takes Mikhailo hostage, and demands Nazariy show himself (not by name), shoots and kills Mikhailo when Naz attacks, more fighting, O goes to exit in marshrutka, naz stops him, grabs him

-Goons try to shoot Naz but when no luck drive away 

-Naz kills Oleg w/ fangs



Isaak, Nazariy, Aleksander

-Driving to Nazariy place marshrutkas drive by Isaak attempts to hex last one fucks Isaak’s car instead.

-Aleksandr arrives soon (fortuitous as hell!) drives us to nazariy by divination with whistle.

-We identify oleg and flee coppas. We are seen, but not pursued (probably noted)

-Nazariy and Aleksandr bicker about emotion stuff, Isaak focuses on the reality of the situation.

-Night Falls, aaaaannnnnd scene





N, A, F

-The trio meets at KNU. Introduced to each other reference to Ox-sauna.

-F now knows they are all three lose butt buddies.

-They go to a “clearing” to meet Koschei the Undying.

-Catmonkey thing runs by fire-feather spooks it.

-F: Yo I’m a changeling blah blee bloop story let’s talk to story.

-A: Faeries are tricksy mang. You brave dood.

Spiderweb door in clearing (FREEKAY!!) Hit rock with stick opens archway type door.

-F asks where mother is, Koschei says question is not where, but when

-Koschei wants name for a name. Condition 1: Exchange names now, Condition 2: guarantee truce with night court until morning.

 -F gives first name he gets the name Isaak. (The person most concerned with the when of the firebird)



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